Young Saudi Women Shine Producing Commercials

Image Source: LA times

Image Source: LA times

A new wave of Saudi women directors is emerging in the Saudi media industry.

Fai Al-Hussain said she is a student at Imam Muhammad Bin Saud Islamic University’s Media and Public Relations College.

“I had the great fortune of directing a commercial for an American car company. I am still a student at the university. Visual media is a new field for Saudis, let alone Saudi women. The industry is practically non-existent for Saudi women yet,” said Al-Hussain.

She also said she and her colleagues are pioneering directors in the field of commercial visuals.

Fatima Al-Suhaibani, a student in the same college, was lucky to be the director of a leading company in coffee business.

“The company needed a commercial and I was hired to direct it. I am very grateful that I could start my career while I am still a student,” said Al-Suhaibani.

She also said as a pioneering woman in the field she has a lot of obstacles to overcome and new grounds to break.

“My aim is to honor my culture and society and show the world that there is nothing impossible to be achieved for me as a Saudi woman. I am still young and in need of a lot of experience but I am blessed to start while I am still studying,” said Al-Suhaibani.

Lamya Al-Nufaie, also from Imam University’s Media and Public Relations College, said: “I directed a commercial titled ‘Mohamsamah: A Camel’s Step’. I look for portraying my culture in a unique and eye-catching way.
I’ve had positive feedback from viewers. My colleagues and I are very proud to represent our university and our values,” said Al-Nufaie.

Media expert Ibrahim Al-Baeez said it is refreshing and amusing to see young talent in Saudi society.

“Saudi society is full of young and fresh talent that need to be given a platform to shine. What these girls have done is very impressive and it will pave the way for all of their colleagues in the future. I think the media industry in the Kingdom will go through an upsurge with new talents emerging in society,” said Al-Baeez.

Originally published on Saudi Gazette