MITHAAL aims to inspire Saudi women to pursue professional careers by providing information on career development specifically tailored to the Saudi woman. We also provide profiles of professional and inspirational Saudi women in order to present and highlight Saudi role models for young women and girls.

Our MISSION is to inspire women and girls in Saudi Arabia to realize their professional goals by highlighting Saudi women role-models, providing useful and productive information, and supplying professional resources. 


The team behind MITHAAL consists of an all-Saudi female team who are working towards their own professional goals. Our team understands the importance of a strong female role model whether it was a family member, teacher, or public figure throughout all stages of life. Unfortunately, thousands of Saudi women and girls do not have many female figures to look up to or seek guidance from. We hope to showcase inspirational Saudi woman so that these women and girls will be able to have strong role models and not only be inspired to pursue their goals but to know that it is indeed possible to achieve them.