RESOURCES offers information on professional networks and programs that the Mithaal team believes could be useful for Saudi women to develop their careers. 



Tawdeef is designed to provide both women applicants and companies with recruitment services through receiving and sorting applications according to qualifications and expertise. 

GloWork is Saudi's first employment recruitment website for women in Saudi Arabia. They aim to empower women and increase diversity in the Saudi workforce. This website could be a useful tool when looking for employment.

Tasamy is a nonprofit organization that focuses on finding sustainable solutions to social problems by encouraging and empowering youth, leaders, private and government institutions to achieve social entrepreneurship.  

CellA+  or the "The Saudi Professional Women's Network" is a non-profit initiative in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that targets professional women's empowerment and support each other through a mix of services, activities and professional programs that target the working women. They put on networking events, educational and development programs, and have a mentorship program. 

Rawabi's Youth Self Discovery Program offers an annual talent exhibit, a guidance program and internships to help Saudi youth identify their potential and assist them to realize their career goals. 

@SAUDI_IDOLS is an account on Instagram dedicated to spreading information on the achievements of Saudis. Although they do not have a specific focus on women, they feature the achievement of some highly inspirational Saudi women. 

MITHAAL is always looking for more information. If you know of any more resources please send us your suggestions by clicking the suggestions button.