British Council Offering Professional Programs for Saudi Women


The British Council in Saudi Arabia is offering developmental programs, which are specially designed for progression of women’s skills. 

The program called Springboard, which has been launched all over the Kingdom, is affiliated to the Ministry of Social Affairs and has won several awards for innovation and quality in other countries. 

“The Springboard Program helps women in identifying clear, practical and realistic steps they need to take to develop skills and confidence,” said Faten Haidar Lahham, project manager at the British Council in Saudi Arabia.

She added that the development program covers topics such as team building and self-awareness — understanding personal values, skills, interest and relationships.

The Springboard Women’s Development Program is designed for women from all backgrounds, ages and stages of their lives.

Although it was initially designed and developed for women belonging to non-management background, gradually women from all levels, including those at managerial levels, have started participating in the program to benefit their personal and career development.

Lahham told Saudi Gazette that this program enables employers to develop staff to their fullest potential, is quick and easy to implement and is often a key component in their staffing initiatives.

The British Council is the United Kingdom’s international organization for educational opportunities and cultural relationships. With 129 teaching centers across the world, it teaches over 1 million classroom hours every year.

“We also connect people through visits, student exchange programs, exams, library services and the many arts and cultural events we hold. In the Middle East, we do this by providing a range of relevant, culturally aware services and quality training programs to a wide range of individuals and groups,” Lahham said.

She added that the main purpose of the program in the Middle East is empowering women with the needed skills, to enable them managing their personal and professional life effectively and successfully. In the Kingdom, the program is affiliated to the Ministry of Social affairs.